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Generally, when you think of a pampering spa treatment, a facial or massage comes to mind. After all, these two essential treatments are the cornerstones of most spas. We all know that a facial is the best way to reveal and maintain smooth and gorgeous skin, and that a message is one of the most relaxing and beneficial things you can do for yourself. Well, what about a body scrub? What if we told you that a spa scrub combines the benefits of these two treatments and extends their principles to the rest of your body?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it’s imperative that you take good care of it and keep it looking its best. We often practice this idea religiously when it comes to our facial skin, but we’ll happily ignore the skin on our bodies. It’s time to prioritize the skin we’re in and get a scrub. During an indulgent spa scrub, your skin will be treated to a variety of nutrient-rich products and undergo a soothing massage that will lull you into a deep state of bliss. Here we’ll cover some of the benefits of a scrub along with what you can expect from the treatment.

Why Should I Get Scrubbed?

1. Accelerate Cell Turnover

Just as a good facial can help rid the skin of old, dead skin cells, so too will a good body scrub. Sometimes our skin does a poor job of shedding dead skin cells, which can result in acne, ingrown hairs, rough patches, and other not-so-smooth skin issues. A good, thorough scrub will leave you with silky skin that tans more easily and evenly, as well as gorgeous glow.

2. Stimulate Collagen Production

By scrubbing the skin and encouraging dead skin cells to shed, new skin cells are inadvertently brought to the surface. During this process, the turnover rate of all cells is increased, including collagen and elastin. In other words, getting a good scrub regularly can help boost collagen and elastin production which creates more youthful looking skin texture. Who doesn’t want a younger looking body?

3. Boost Circulation and Encourage Lympatic Drainage

During the treatment, your therapist will use a mixture of long strokes and short, circular motions to hit pressure points while working the product on your skin. The combination of pressure and strokes has the same benefits that a light massage has. It will help improve blood circulation and encourage your lymph fluid to move from stagnant areas.

4. Reach Neglected Areas

You can expect a thorough scrubbing when you have it done professionally. In between toes? Check. Thigh fold? Check. Basically, every nook and cranny including those that have been neglected or forgotten about will be thoroughly scrubbed and left baby soft.

What can I expect during a body scrub?

During a spa scrub, you will be led into a treatment room, asked to change and lie down on an individual treatment slab. Your body will be massaged with a lightly abrasive product. The scrub is usually made of natural ingredients such as clay, sugar, coffee, salt or nutshell husks. Here are the general steps of a spa scrub:

A scrub can be enjoyed by itself as a single treatment or as part of a luxurious package. Getting scrubbed before a massage will truly leave your skin in the softest and most supple state imaginable and will further help boost lymphatic draining and increase blood circulation.

Body Scrub

Body scrubs are a self-indulgent treatment that will revitalize the skin. Our body scrubs incorporate gentle pressure point massages with deep exfoliation. Invigorate your skin with our scrubs and masks made of natural materials such as sea salt or coconut. Once your skin has been sloughed and polished, we will lather on a vitamin-rich volcanic clay from head to toe.