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Lash Lift

What is a Lash Lift?

Lash lift is a treatment where chemical products are applied to your natural lashes, making them look longer and fuller. It is also called a lash perm because the perm lotion is used to lift and curl the lashes. No fake extensions are involved here – just your natural lashes which are given a new shape.

Women opt for this treatment because they prefer a natural look. Lash extensions can be a little too much and are better left for special occasions, while the lash lift is a perfect solution for those who want to look good while going to work every day, running errands or going shopping.

With lash lift, you can be sure that your lashes will not start falling off after just three weeks. It gives the best results for the first 4 weeks after the treatment. Then for another four weeks, it starts losing its shape slowly, but it still looks good for another 4 weeks.

Who is a Lash Lift for?

Lash lift is for everyone who wants longer, attractive lashes that stay curled for a couple of weeks. Also, it is perfect for women who don’t want to bother with the complicated aftercare routine that follows lash extension treatment. In addition, it is the best option for everyone who prefer more natural look.

The best results will be achieved with those who have long straight lashes. Curling them will definitely give them volume and make them look astonishing.


Lash lift treatment usually lasts for 1 hour.
There are three types of chemicals used in the treatment:
It softens your lashes and allows them to get curled. It usually contains these ingredients: polyacrylamide, thioglycolic acid, propylene glycol, methylparaben, purified water, monoethanolamine.
It hardens curled lashes keeping them curled for a long time. Contains sodium bromate, polyacrylamide, polysorbate, purified water, propylene glycol, methylparaben.

Is Lash Lift Safe?

Lash lift is quite safe if you choose a certified and experienced artist. You need to make sure your aesthetician works in a sterile environment and use quality products. The problems that might occur are allergies and infections. In order to avoid this, inform your aesthetician about any sensitiveness of your eyes.

If you are not sure whether you are allergic to tint or a solution, ask for a patch test beforehand. The patch test will determine whether the substances used are safe for your skin.

Is Lash Lift Painful?

Lash lift is a completely painless procedure. The only discomfort you can experience is that you must lie still with your eyes closed. Luckily, it is only for one hour. There are much more painful procedures people undertake in order to be pretty.


What Does the Lash Lift Aftercare Entail?

One of the perks of the lash lift treatment is that the aftercare is not complicated at all. You need to be careful for only 24 hours after the treatment and after that, you can continue with your normal daily routine.

These are the tips you need to follow:

You can treat your lashes normally. You can sleep on your face, wear makeup, wash your face, rub your eyes. The only advisable nourishment includes coconut oil or facial oil.
It is better to use non-waterproof mascara. Removing waterproof mascara might be harsh and it can affect your post-treatment results. Also, if you decide to add tinting to your lash lift treatment, mascara is completely unnecessary.
Makeup is forbidden only 24 hours after the treatment. After that, you can apply makeup normally.
Using a lash curler is not advisable after the lash lift. Your lashes are hardened with the setting solution and a lash curler might damage them. After all, an eyelash curler is completely unnecessary since the same effect is already achieved with the treatment itself.


How Often Should I Have a Lash Lift Touch Up?

A lash lift does not require any touch-ups. As your natural lashes grow, they take their natural shape. You can just repeat the treatment after two months. The shortest period after which it can be redone is 6 weeks.